I swear to god my nan can tell when I’m going to wake up in a bad mood or still tired and decides to act like a needy five year old

Rachel are these clothes in the dirty laundry basket dirty laundry?
Rachel what time do you want dinner (asked five minutes after I’ve woken up and then repeated on the hour until dinner)
Apparently the people repairing my ceiling just happened to come the first time I was out for the day after calling her out on her bullshitting about calling them
Rachel I went out with £200 and now I’ve got £20 (has bought basically nothing)
*leaves all the bins open and complains about flies*
I close my door and she comes in with a pointless question so she can open it again and leave it open, when I close it again she makes me open it because ‘the cat might want to come in’ when he’s asleep on the fucking sofa
*comes in every 5 minutes to talk at me as loudly as possible after she’s woken me up until I get up and close the door*
*complains incessantly about me getting up late but doesn’t make any effort to wake me up earlier*
Oh Rachel I don’t know here your mother gets it she’s so messy/never has any money/looks a mess *doesn’t bathe for weeks, doesn’t clean the flat unless I do so she doesn’t have to pay me for it, spends all her money so she spends the last 2 weeks of the month with £4*


you fuckin fat cunt

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So wait. Let me get this straight. Volcano Day is today….that was the episode the Peter Capaldi was in…..the same day as the new episode airs….with Peter Capaldi as the new doctor…..coincidence?!?! Yea probably.



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Guys, this is huge. We have the potential to clean up one of the biggest messes humanity has made: The plastic in the ocean.


Through littering and other such forms of carelessness, we have introduced millions of tons of plastic into the oceans. This plastic is trapped in the five major currents running through the world’s major oceans, called gyres. There is currently six times more plastic in the water than zooplankton, which is one of the most basic elements of the worldwide food chain. Plastic in the oceans leads to ecological, economical, and health issues for everyone, including people.


Really, the solution is to cut the problem off at its source and find ways to stop introducing plastic and other garbage into the oceans. But, as for all the trash that is already there, a 19-year-old man named Boyan Slat has come up with an idea: Get the oceans to clean themselves. This idea has three basic principles:

1) Passive collection

  • Why move through the oceans, if the oceans can move through you? Attaching an array of floating barriers and platforms to the sea bed enables us to concentrate the plastic before extracting it from the ocean —a collection process 100% driven by the natural winds and currents.”

2) Capturing plastics, not sea life

  • "Instead of nets, we make use of solid floating barriers, making entanglement of wildlife impossible. Virtually all of the current flows underneath these booms, taking away all (neutrally buoyant) organisms, and preventing by-catch, while the lighter-than-water plastic collects in front of the floating barrier."

3) Highly scalable

  • "The scalable array of moorings and booms is designed for large-magnitude deployment, covering millions of square kilometers.
  • Thanks to its projected high capture and field efficiency, a single gyre can be covered in just 5 years (or longer, depending on the chosen deployment strategy).”


Great news: Yes! In June of 2014, Slat and his team of 100 professionals and volunteers announced that this can happen. You can download the full report here, or the summary here. You can also watch Slat’s recent talk to find out more about how the project really works right here.


Slat and his team are currently running a crowdsourcing campaign. They need to raise $2 million US dollars to move from the feasibility phase to the implementation phase. That sounds daunting, but really, if 322 people donating just over $6 each, the money will be raised and we can start cleaning up our mistakes and making the world better for the future. As of the 27th of June, they have raised $878,000+ and have 77 days to go. Please donate if you can by clicking here or on the bolded link above, or reblog this and share it anywhere and everywhere you can to raise awareness! 

You can also contact Slat and his team and apply to work with them by clicking here. If you have more questions, please visit the website or check the FAQ


Hey guys! Awesome news! With 67 days to go on the fundraiser, the Ocean Cleanup project is officially halfway funded! Just over $1 million has been raised.

To everyone who’s donated or even just spread the word so far: Thank you so much! We still have a long way to go, so please keep helping out. 

Update #2: Just under a month left (28 days), and Slat and his team have received almost 1.5 million dollars of their $2 million goal! That is so exciting. Please continue to share this message and help fund the biggest ocean cleanup project of our generation!

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I was looking for the upside down painting thing he did but only found gifs which didn’t really do it justice. I did find this though instead, which is as good, if not better, because it involves his taxidermy collection.

Workout Inspiration: Chandler Bing

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Jacob Anderson in Primeval (season 2, episode 4)


Excuse me, pardon me, lemme just get in here a sec and just—

theeere we goooo

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There is no gap

…because the inside is raw