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One of my old friends watched the movie adaption of the book thief (literally my favourite book) and I use the term ‘watched’ very loosely because she didn’t know why the main character was taking laundry to ‘hitler’ and then ‘Putin’s’ house, but, it made me think like as she decided to watch it did she remember that it was my favourite book? Because at one point that book was almost all I talked about and now we don’t talk at all.

It’s weird to think she’s watching this huge part of my life without associating it with me when at one point she was a huge part of my life too and now we don’t talk and she’s become almost unrecognizable against who she was





i dont need a boyfriend i need 12 million dollars and a donut 

12 million dollars can be used to obtain many donuts.

explain how

money can be exchanged for goods and services

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Top Gear S16 (Middle East)

Rather terrifying arrival.. Poor Hammond. LOL!

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Gillian Anderson and Benedict Cumberbatch (Part 1)

(Check out part 2 here)

These two gorgeous people were reading letters and hosting a charity auction at Letters Live for The Reading Agency along with assorted other awesome celebrities yesterday. 

During the book auction, Neil Gaiman pointed out that the successful bidder could also get hold of Benedict’s DNA from the book and “clone their own little Cumberbatch”, at which point Gillian licked the book to boost the price by adding a bit of her own DNA. 

In the process, this epic piece of dialogue occurred:

Gillian Anderson: “£3800 for a bit of Benedict Cumberbatch!”
Neil Gaiman: “…also licked by Gillian Anderson!”

The book eventually sold for £5k. I think Caitlin Moran bought it, because she has five grand to spare and I haven’t. 

Also on offer I have the following goodies from the night:

  • Video of Benedict reading a love letter (link)
  • Some photos of James Rhodes and Benedict Cumberbatch (link)
  • Some photos of Neil Gaiman and Nick Cave (link)
  • And some more photos of the wonderful Gillian Anderson (link)

Enjoy ;)

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